Being in Maria’s presence is instantly soothing and doing her Yoga classes are easily the highlight of my working week. She can make even the most novice Yogi feel like a pro - taking you through all the poses you know and love. Plus some you’ve never heard of - erm, the fish?! She’s attentive and encouraging and I always emerge enlightened, elated, and lil shaky. Rough day? Not any more. I can’t wait for my next session.

Mitzi, 30


I had a fantastic experience practising yoga with Maria; she taught us with expertise, passion and enthusiasm and gave us an open space to relax and let go of stress. Maria has a wonderful, energetic personality and understands the pressures of working life and how yoga and meditation can help us perform at our best and manage stress levels. Highly recommended to any organisation!

Phoebe, Corporate Client at Clearscore

Ally Headshot.jpg

"A notorious exercise-avoider, excuse-maker and general shirker of all sweat-inducing activities, Maria’s sessions were the best. Yoga classes like this enable me to feel the burn and stretch, without making me uncomfortable or conscious of my inabilities – plus, her velvet-like voice guided us every step of the way, meaning I was able to focus on my own movements as opposed to studying my other classmates. The best bit? Her soothing meditation at the end (I genuinely fell asleep). The perfect introduction to yoga and meditation! I’ll definitely be going back."

Ally, 30


"Maria brings a very positive energy in her teaching and instructing the yoga class. Her class is challenging and relaxing at the same time and I always feel great at the end of it. She spends time helping us understand the different elements and getting it right before moving on to a different area of practice."

Reena, Corporate Client at Mott Macdonald

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