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6 ways workplace yoga classes benefit employees

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

The benefits of yoga go far beyond the mat. Not only does the age-old practice help companies reduce the chronic stress that defines today’s office culture, but it is proven to boost productivity and encourage employee wellbeing. The myriad benefits also assist in improving physical and mental health, while enhancing performance and morale in the workplace. Here’s how.

Caffeine-free energy

Given the sedentary and always-on nature of the modern workplace, going offline to tune into the physical sensations of the body is so important – and likely more effective than reaching for that second cuppa. Not only does a regular practice release endorphins, but by pairing breath with movement, yoga works to release muscle tension and stagnant energy, build strength, and draw in more oxygen to the body’s cells, reviving circulation and giving the body a natural energy boost.

Prevents burnout

Reports indicate less absenteeism at companies who offer yoga, thanks to the health benefits of cultivating a regular practice. When we’re stressed, our breath is often shallow, depleting our energy because vital organs like the brain don’t get enough oxygen. Yoga teaches us how to use the breath to relax or energize the system, helping us reduce stress and anxiety in the long run, which boosts our immune system and manages our mental health.

Improves clarity, concentration & focus

By combining breath with movement, yoga focuses the mind, teaching us how to keep it from wandering off the task at hand. Learning to be fully present with the sensations in your body and breathe through any discomfort translates off the mat to an improved attention span and sharper focus, allowing us to approach decision making from a place of clarity.

Builds confidence

The beauty of yoga is that it is accessible to everyone thanks to the modifications available in every pose; the challenge lies in cultivating patience and self-discipline with our practice. It is through consistency that we reap the rewards. As we see our practice improve over time, easing into poses more effortlessly, our confidence grows. Regular yoga practitioners take this confidence off the mat.

Boosts mood

So many people think that yoga is just a physical practice, but there’s a broader philosophy behind the moving asana practice. Beyond the positive effects movement has on the body, yoga teaches us to practice compassion and gratitude, which together boosts our mood and encourages a positive outlook.

Improves posture & flexibility

Sitting at a desk every day takes its toll on the body, especially the spine and hips, both of which are targeted in most yoga poses. It is often said that we carry our emotions in our hips and we’re only as young as our spine. Add to that an increased body awareness, improved flexibility and muscle strength, and it’s no wonder those who practice yoga regularly not only see their posture improve but report feeling lighter and less tense.