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4 reasons to offer meditation at work


The workplace is more demanding than ever and, thanks to modern technology, employees rarely get a break from their responsibilities. This added pressure causes stress and anxiety, impacting performance as well as how decisions are made both in and out of the office.

Meditation at work provides pause. In the midst of a busy delicious life, learning to be present not only enhances wellbeing, but also improves productivity, conflict management, creativity and overall happiness in the workplace, all by teaching us the magic of being present. Here’s why.

Better concentration

Meditation teaches us to focus the mind. Taking a break from work to tune into the breath builds control over the disruptive nature of our thoughts, training our brain to be present. Not only does this practice make it easier to ignore distractions, over time, it also reduces stress and anxiety, both of which boost productivity and improve mental clarity.

Improve interpersonal skills

It is the nature of the mind to think, but through meditation, we learn to witness our thoughts and emotions, rather than instantly getting swept up in a reaction. Brain scans show that mindfulness meditation helps trigger the relaxation response – the opposite of fight or flight. Acting from this place of alert stillness allows us to patiently approach conflict and assess how we interact with others, improving our relationships and reducing the escalation of office disputes.

Unleash creativity and innovation

Many people attribute Steve Jobs’ ability to come up with innovative ideas for Apple to his regular meditation practice, as studies show that a consistent practice opens creative doorways in the brain. Improving our focus enhances our problem-solving skills and allows new ideas to flow more freely.

Happiness at work

Regularly tuning into the present fosters an appreciation for what is, encouraging us to accept what we cannot change and be grateful for what we have. Offering meditation in the workplace demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing, providing them with

the tools to cultivate a regular practice to enhance self-awareness, contentment and patience both in, and outside of the office.